Best Birthday Present Ever! A Little Girl Finds Out She’s Being Adopted

There’s a little girl in Athens, Georgia named Ivey who just turned 10 years old.  And three years of her life have been spent in foster care.

But she got the best birthday present EVER last week when she found out she’d finally been ADOPTED.

A couple named Paige and Daniel Zezulka have been trying to adopt her.  And the paperwork finally went through on her birthday last week.

So they surprised her with a box.  And inside was a framed piece of paper that said they were adopting her.

They posted a 90-second video of the reveal on Facebook.  And she immediately broke down in tears while reading it.

But here’s the coolest part.  They also told her they’re adopting her three-year-old brother AND her two-year-old little sister.

(GMA / Fox News)

Here’s the video.)