Here’s a proud moment for a parent:  An 8-year-old kid named Maurice Adams Jr. was driving with his mom last week in Milledgeville, Georgia.  (About 90 miles southeast of Atlanta.)

And he noticed an elderly lady with a walker crossing the street and trying to climb a set of stairs to get to a sidewalk.

So without any prompting, he asked his mom if he could go help her.  And a random person recorded it on their phone.

The video shows him helping her up the stairs and making sure she doesn’t slip.  Then they get to the top, and she gives him a hug.  Maurice’s mom says the woman told him he’s a special kid for looking out for her like he did.

The guy who filmed it posted the video on Facebook, and it’s been shared 24,000 times.

He also tracked down the mom on Facebook, because he wanted to give Maurice a hundred bucks to reward him for being a great kid.

(CBS News / Huffington Post)