Back in December of 2016, a woman in Atlanta named Dawn Muhammad hired a personal trainer.  And since then, she’s lost a ton of weight.  But it turns out she wasn’t just doing it for her own health . . .

Earlier this month, she revealed to her family that she only decided to get in shape because she wanted to save her DAD by giving him a KIDNEY.

Her dad’s name is Lucious Daniels.  He’s 74, and he’s been doing dialysis twice a week because he has stage-four kidney failure.

After he was diagnosed two years ago, Dawn got tested and found out they had the same blood type.  But doctors told her she couldn’t be a kidney donor, because her body mass index was too high.

So over the next 16 months, she started working out and eating better.  And she dropped 55 pounds and 30 inches off her waist.  But she didn’t tell anyone why she was doing it until she finally told her dad in April.

After that, she lost ANOTHER 15 pounds.  So about 70 pounds total.  And last month, she finally got word that they’re a perfect match and she CAN donate.

The surgery is happening one week from today.

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