Here’s one of those stories that reminds us not ALL teenagers are phone-addicted zombies who just scroll Instagram all day . . .

A woman in a wheelchair was waiting for a bus in Houston recently.  And she was sitting out in the hot sun with no shade at all.

But luckily, a kid named Louis Jordan was picking his mom up from work nearby.  And when he saw the woman, he realized she was baking out there.

So he grabbed an umbrella from his car . . . walked over and held it over her until her ride came . . . and now a photo of it is going viral.

She had to wait for a special van that had a wheelchair lift.  And it ended up taking almost TWO HOURS to get there.  But Louis stuck around the whole time . . . they had a nice conversation . . . and he just kept holding the umbrella.

Apparently he’s seen her sitting out there again since then.  And every time he does now, he grabs his umbrella and helps her out again.