There’s an 81-year-old guy in Mobile, Alabama named Louis Mapp who recently volunteered at his local hospital.

Every Tuesday, he goes in and rocks babies to sleep to give their parents a break, or when the nurses are too busy.  He mostly helps with premature babies, and says it’s always the highlight of his week.

And ever since he started doing it, he’s been really impressed with how great the nurses and doctors are.  So on top of volunteering, he and his wife recently decided to donate some money to the hospital.

Before he retired, Louis worked in the banking sector.  So they’re pretty well off . . . and they just donated a MILLION DOLLARS to the neonatal center.

He says they wanted to do something that would continue to make a difference after they’ve both passed away.  And their only stipulation was the NURSES get to decide how the money is spent.

They’re using some of the money this year to buy a few special beds for extremely premature babies called “Leo” beds.  Each bed costs about $50,000.  And until now, they didn’t have enough of them.