Most of us still remember our favorite teacher from school.  And here’s a great reminder that they probably remember you too . . .

LaShonda Carter is a teacher in Chicago.  About two weeks ago, she couldn’t sleep and started scrolling through Facebook.  And she ended up talking to a former student from a few years back named Larresha Plummer.

Larresha is 18 now, and just had a baby last month.  And she started talking about a job fair she wanted to go to the next morning.  But she didn’t have a car, or a babysitter.  Her only option was to take her newborn baby with her on a bus.

So LaShonda rearranged her whole day, and drove her there the next morning.  Then she sat in the car and watched the baby while Larresha went in to look for job leads.

LaShonda did a Facebook livestream from the car where she talked about how it takes “a village,” and called on OTHER people to reach out in their community.  (Here’s the video.)

And if you need proof this kind of thing makes a difference, Larresha DID end up landing a job.  And she’s also planning to attend college this fall.

(Facebook / CNN)