Here’s what you get when modern medicine meets sheer willpower . . .

A guy in South Carolina named Adam Gorlitsky was paralyzed from the waist down in a car crash in 2005.  But he hasn’t let it hold him back.  And over the weekend, he set a pretty amazing WORLD RECORD.

He’s learned to walk again using a robotic exoskeleton that straps to his legs.  And on Saturday, he walked across the finish line after completing a FULL MARATHON.

He walked the Charleston Marathon in exactly 33 hours, 50 minutes, and 24 seconds.  Which beat the previous world record by about three hours.

It took him a year of training, and this wasn’t his first attempt.  He tried walking the Los Angeles Marathon last year but had to stop about 17 miles in.

This time, he made it all 26.2 miles.  And he says he couldn’t have done it without his friends and family.

Charleston is his hometown.  So a ton of people came out to support him.  They’d walk a mile alongside him.  Then other friends would show up to walk the next mile.

He says he did it to send a message to people that your disabilities and adversities should never define who you are.