This is real romance, folks.  The kind that’s steeped in tradition, and costs less than $15 . . .

A couple named Lloyd and Sandy Howard live in Matawan, New Jersey, about 30 miles outside New York.  And they just celebrated their 50th anniversary last week . . . by having a romantic dinner at BURGER KING.

They got married back in 1968.  And on their first anniversary, they were running late for a movie.  So they grabbed a couple Whoppers.

Then the next year, it was the same situation.  They were in a rush and had to stop at Burger King again.  So after that, they decided to do it EVERY year.

Last Friday was the 49th year in a row they’ve gone to Burger King for their anniversary.  The only difference this time was that all six of their grandkids were there waiting to surprise them.

The traditional 50th anniversary gift is gold.  It’s not clear if they gave each other anything else or not.  But they both wore those gold Burger King crowns while they ate.  So maybe that counts.