Everyone knows a few people who will be decked out in ALL green today for St. Patrick’s Day . . . and a few people who’d refuse to be festive, even if you paid them to.  But what are MOST people doing?

According to a new survey, about HALF of us are planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in some way, and 80% of those people plan to wear green today.  Of course, for some that could be something minimal, like green socks.

Here are a few other stats from the survey . . .

1.  The average person only plans to spend about $44 on St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.  But about half of Americans say they’ll celebrate in some way . . . so that could add up to $6.85 BILLION.

2.  That’s WAY more than a leprechaun’s pot of gold.  One estimate claims the current market value for a pot of gold with 1,000 one-ounce gold coins is:  $1.84 million.  Or about $1.1 million after taxes.  (???)

3.  St. Patrick’s Day is the third most popular drinking day . . . behind Mardi Gras and New Year’s Eve.  (It’s unclear where Presidents’ Day ranks.)  (???)  That said, St. Patrick’s Day is the #1 holiday for BEER drinking.

4.  88% of Americans say they’re “interested” in traveling to Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day someday.

5.  31% of Americans plan to cook a special dinner on St. Patrick’s Day . . . as opposed to just having Hot Pockets again.

6.  If you’re looking for a nudge to eat cabbage:  It’s really healthy.  One pound of cabbage has 109 calories . . . 0.5 grams of fat . . . and 6 grams of protein.  It’s also a rich source of vitamins C and K, fiber, and potassium.