There aren’t a ton of bookstores around anymore because we all just download them now.  And if you want a REAL one, you just order it on Amazon.  But a group of people in the U.K. recently pitched in to SAVE their local bookstore.

A store in southern England called October Books had managed to stay in business for 40 years.  Then their rent went up in July and they couldn’t afford it anymore.

So someone started a fundraising campaign that managed to raise over half-a-million dollars to BUY another building, so they could relocate.

That saved the store.  But they still had to deal with the huge task of relocating all the books . . . about 2,000 of them.

They didn’t have to move far though, because the new building was just down the street, about 500 feet away.  So this past Sunday, 250 volunteers moved all of the books by forming a human chain.

They lined up between the original location and the new location . . . passed two or three books at a time down the line . . . and knocked the whole thing out in a few hours.

One woman who helped out said it was amazing to see what can happen when a whole community comes together.