11 Super Bowl Fall-Out Quick Hits

1.  Tom Brady has five Super Bowl wins . . . but he seemed to pout after losing Super Bowl 52.  The Internet is calling him out for not congratulating Nick Foles after the game.  Foles later admitted he hadn’t heard from Brady.

Weirdly, Brady was seen congratulating other members of the Eagles, including rookie Derek Barnett, who raved about the interaction with the media.

One person DID have nice things to say about Foles . . . Brady’s ex Bridget Moynahan.  Among other things, she Tweeted, quote, “Nick Foles is having an amazing game.”

2.  The City of Philadelphia will host a Super Bowl championship parade on Thursday . . . and Philadelphia schools will be closed to give students, quote, “the chance to witness history.”  (Hopefully they won’t also witness a grown man eating horse poop.)

3.  Super Bowl 52 averaged an estimated 103.4 million viewers, which is down roughly 7% from last year, when 111.3 million tuned in.  Not surprisingly, this year’s audience peaked in the fourth quarter, with 112.3 million viewers.

Still, this year’s Super Bowl goes down as the 10th most-watched show in history.  And the streaming numbers haven’t been added yet.  NBC says it expects it to finish in the 106 million range.

In other ratings news, “This Is Us” retained 27 million viewers, which made it the most-watched post-Super Bowl program since 2012, when “The Voice” averaged 37.6 million viewers.  Also, the “Puppy Bowl” drew record ratings.


4.  It seemed like Tide was ALL over the Super Bowl . . . possibly in an attempt to cut-off the bad publicity from the ‘Tide Pod Challenge.’  TheWrap.com estimates that they spent $16 million to $18 million on the Super Bowl, if not more.

5.  The “top social media moments” from the Super Bowl were mostly obvious things . . . Nick Foles, Brady, the Patriots’ thwarted fourth quarter comeback, Justin Timberlake, and so on.

The most-viewed video on Facebook was the ad showing Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. re-creating a scene from “Dirty Dancing”.  Social media also pointed out that Brady is now 0-3 in Super Bowls that Eli Manning appeared in . . . if you count the commercials.

6.  Several Eagles players plan to skip the White House visit . . . assuming President Trump invites the team.  Wide receiver Torrey Smith, defensive end Chris Long, and safety Malcolm Jenkins have all said they will not attend.

Also, LeGarrette Blount didn’t go last year when he was on the Patriots.


7.  Justin Timberlake’s music streams jumped 214% on Spotify, which wasn’t surprising.  But what IS a little surprising is that people showed Janet Jackson some love.  Her streams were up 150%.

It’s only fair, since SHE didn’t get a shot at halftime redemption like her “wardrobe malfunction” accomplice.

8.  Jennifer Lawrence hijacked a plane’s loudspeaker on Super Bowl Sunday to lead everyone in a “Fly Eagles Fly” chant.  Unfortunately, not too many people were into it.  (Here’s video.)

9.  Have you heard about the diehard Super Bowl nuns?  Two years ago, Sister Miriam James, a.k.a. @OneGroovyNun, spent the Super Bowl doing play-by-play reactions of her fellow nun, Sister Mary.  This year, they were back with more hilarious fan-girl coverage.

10.  Some Eagles fans in Minneapolis who didn’t have tickets to the game were looking for a place to watch.  And they stumbled across a place called the Eagle Bolt Bar.  Perfect, right?  Well, it turned out to be a GAY BAR.

They WERE showing the game, though.  So some people stayed.

11.  Remember the guy who won $14 million on his incredible World Series bets? Well he was back at it again for the Super Bowl . . . and reportedly won “at least $6 million” by betting on the Eagles.