Here’s a serious question for you:  Who uses better spelling and grammar in texts and on social media:  Kids . . . their parents . . . or NEITHER?

In a new survey, less than a quarter of Gen Z’ers use periods, commas, and quotation marks in casual chats.

For comparison, more than half of people over the age of 65 say they are ALWAYS sticklers for proper grammar while texting or posting online.  (Really?  So this is proper grammar?  “What time will u be home……. dad is making pork chops…….. remember your laundry,,,,,,,, let me know……….”)  (???)

The numbers are similar when it comes to using capital letters.  Just a quarter of those between 18 and 24 make sure to use capital letters correctly, compared to 61% of seniors.

Overall, 69% of people say they are more likely to use correct spelling and punctuation in text messages.  (Maybe thanks to an assist from auto-correct.)

Less than 10% of people say they make sure to use proper grammar on social apps like TikTok and Snapchat.

Most young adults say as long as the meaning is conveyed, the technical accuracy of the writing doesn’t matter anymore.  And only a third of Gen Z’ers bother to proofread their messages before sending them.

(Study Finds)