Why Does Christmas Music Stress You Out?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year unless you HATE Christmas music.  A psychologist in Pennsylvania broke down the reasons why holiday music can be stress-inducing.

The main one being if the songs serve as a reminder of a bad memory or experience, especially from childhood.  It can also be mentally draining, especially when it’s played non-stop.

Not to mention, if it reminds you of everything else that’s stressful about the holidays like buying presents, decorating, and cooking for groups of people.

From the psychologist’s perspective, it’s best to uncover the root of the stress.  But when it does come on, maybe play your own music on a pair of headphones . . . and, of course, avoid it in your own house and car.

You can also ease up on the so-called “requirements” of the holiday season.  Quote, “It’s taking more control and doing things as you feel can fit into your lifestyle.”

And on that note, let’s play “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by MARIAH CAREY . . . just kidding.

(Fox News)