Which States Are the Most Obsessed with Pumpkin, Pecan, and Apple Pie?

Which one of these do you want a slice of on Thanksgiving?  Pumpkin pie . . . apple pie . . . or pecan pie?

Google Trends looked at which one each state is googling the most right now, and PUMPKIN is the clear winner.

45 of the 50 states are searching for pumpkin more than any other type of pie.  It’s 46 if you count Massachusetts, where pumpkin is tied for first with apple pie.

The states that are the MOST obsessed with pumpkin pie are West Virginia, North Dakota, and Hawaii.  Massachusetts is the only state where apple pie even tied for first.  But in general, it’s more popular in New England than anywhere else.

Four states are searching for pecan more than any other pie, and it’s definitely a regional thing.  All four are in the South and border each other.

Mississippi is the most obsessed with it, followed by Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

By the way, a new survey found most Americans pronounce it “pee-KAHN” pie.  Only 37% of us say “PEE-can.”

(Google Trends)