What Apps Do You Hate . . . But Just Can’t Quit?

I never really thought I was “addicted” to any apps until I spotted this discussion online . . . and I realized I totally am. And that’s not a great feeling.

People on Gizmodo.com are sharing the apps they HATE . . . but they just can’t quit. And believe it or not, it’s not JUST social networks, although those are definitely the most popular answers. Here are the apps that came up the most . . .

1. Instagram. Quote, “Just an endless fire hose stream of mildly interesting content.”

2. Facebook. Quote, “A toxic hot mess, but the only way I can keep track of what [people] are doing.”

3. Twitter.

4. Waze. When it gives you great directions it’s amazing . . . but it’s filled with pop-ups and every once in a while it totally screws you with a terrible route.

5. Pokemon Go.

6. YouTube. Quote, “I have a bad habit of going down rabbit holes . . . laying on my bed and just watching videos for hours.”

7. Google Chrome. It uses up a ton of your computer’s resources and kills your laptop battery . . . but it’s the industry standard so it’s hard to switch.

8. Pandora. Quote, “I like it enough to listen and always get annoyed at all the ads and weird song picks . . . but I don’t like it enough to pay for it to make all that go away.”