We’re Still At It: Ten More “Good News” Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak

Here are ten more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  A company called Prisma Health came up with a “splitter” that lets four patients use one ventilator at the same time.  The FDA rushed the approval, and now they’re sharing it with hospitals all over the world.  Also, the company behind Dyson vacuum cleaners designed a new ventilator in 10 days, and they’re making 15,000 of them.

2.  For all of April, Hertz is offering free rental cars to healthcare workers in New York City to make their commutes easier.

3.  The company that makes Crocs will give away 10,000 free pairs of shoes to healthcare workers every day until supplies run out.

4.  A regular customer at a restaurant in Florida recently left a $10,000 tip and asked the owner to give all 20 employees 500 bucks.  And someone in Arizona left a $2,000 tip to help the owner of a pizza place keep paying his staff.

5.  Miller Lite just donated $1 million to help bartenders, and they’re asking other people to match it by donating to the Bartenders Guild.

6.  There’s a video going viral of people in Atlanta out on their balconies, giving a round of applause to healthcare workers during a shift change.  And buildings all across the U.K. turned blue last night to thank doctors and nurses for how hard they’re working.  Organizers called it the “Light It Blue” campaign.

7.  A guy in Milwaukee went viral after he used a remote-control car to deliver a beer to his neighbor.  The video has racked up millions of views.  He says he’s glad it has put a smile on people’s faces.

8.  A kid’s parent felt bad that he couldn’t go out for his 21st birthday.  So they turned their garage into a nightclub.  His dad was the bouncer and checked his ID.  His mom gave him a free birthday shot.  And the only other person there was his sister.

9.  A 13-year-old kid in Virginia has been making facemasks with his parents’ 3-D printer.  He got the instructions for free online and says it’s the first time he’s been able to make something that’s actually useful.

10.  Here’s something for your kids to do that might lift people’s spirits.  There’s a new trend where kids are drawing pictures of rainbows and hanging them in windows.