We’ve seen so many stories about airlines KILLING people’s pets. So this is a nice change. A couple named Michele and Steven Burt were flying JetBlue from Florida to Massachusetts last Thursday. And they had their dogs with them.

One was a three-year-old French bulldog named Darcy. And they noticed she wasn’t doing well in her carrier. So Michele let her poke her head out, and realized her tongue was blue.

She knew that a blue tongue on a dog can be a sign of hypoxia, or insufficient oxygen. So she took her out from under the seat and put her on her lap to cool down.

One of the flight attendants initially told her the dog had to stay under the seat. But then they realized what was happening, and brought packs of ice over to cool her down.

And when that didn’t work, they put a mask on her and hooked her up to an OXYGEN tank. Which DID work, and there are a bunch of photos of it online.

Michele says they saved Darcy’s life, and that she’s already back to chasing squirrels. But she’s also taking her to the vet to make sure she’s okay.

JetBlue put out a statement saying they always try to make sure everyone has a safe flight, “including those with four legs.”