Man, you could live SUCH a cool life if you just got out of the house more often.

According to a new survey, the average person WANTS to go to lots of sporting events, comedy shows, and concerts . . . but doesn’t.  Check this out . . .

1.  People want to go to 12 live sports events a year, but only go to five.

2.  People want to go to five comedy shows a year, but only go to one.

3.  People want to hit eight concerts a year, but only go to two.

So to add that up, we WANT to go to 25 big events a year . . . but only make it to eight.

Meanwhile, the survey found we want to watch 21 hours of TV a week, but we only manage to watch . . . 20.  Ha.  We’re doing just fine on our TV watching goals.  Everything else?  Not so much.

(PR Newswire)