I’d warn you to never do this, but I know you’re smarter than these idiots.  It’s a video of six guys playing a drinking game where they light their hair on fire.  They call themselves the “Hooray Henrys” and they’re at a wedding in Scotland.

It starts with them standing around a circular table that has glasses of water and shots of Sambuca, which is a liqueur and flammable.

Here’s the game:  You pour Sambuca on your hair, light it on fire, and then do a shot.  And THEN you lean over and pass the fire from your hair to the hair of the idiot next to you.

Once you’ve accomplished that, you get to grab a glass of water and douse your own flames.

Everyone with common sense is warning against doing this . . . including the alcohol awareness foundation “Drink Aware.”  They’re calling the game “extremely dangerous.”