The New Orleans Pelicans held a “baby race” at halftime of their game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday . . . and the video has gone viral because it’s filled with unpredictable twists and turns, plus an exciting finish.

Here’s how the race works.  A bunch of babies have to crawl across the arena floor, going from one parent to the other.  It sounds simple, but not to babies.  Some wander aimlessly, others start an impromptu playdate, a couple even hugged it out.

A few did head in the right direction . . . and one baby was within inches of winning, and then suddenly turned around and went the other way.  In the end, the champ was a baby named Autumn Breeze.

(It was posted December 1st on the Twitter page of @PelicansNBA.  At 1:06 you’ll see the “almost winning” baby head toward the finish line.  The winner kicks it into gear at 3:12.  Her parents won a $250 Pelicans gift card.)