News Be Funny posted a 15-minute montage of May’s Best News Bloopers.  Most of the reporters are still working from home so there are a lot of interruptions from kids and pets.  Plus, there’s the usual assortment of flubs and goofs.

The best home interruptions include an anchor whose screaming kid runs behind her . . . a reporter in the backyard who is interrupted by two dogs fighting . . . and a reporter who LEAVES the shot to stop her dog from going after one of her chickens.

Some of the better goofs include a weatherman saying severe weather isn’t likely, and then lightning hits the station antennae . . . and an anchor who gets tricked into believing there’s something in Texas called “ranch-e-que” dressing.

But our favorite involves an entire news team.  They read a setup about a music teacher who wrote an original “song of inspiration” about teaching during the quarantine.  When they go to the video the teacher plays her ukulele, then screams . . . and they all crack up because they weren’t expecting it.