Source: YouTube

Happy Monday!  Here is the best new music we could find that was just released recently.  It’s a pretty good mix of big stars and up-and-comers.

1.  The Border” by Willie Nelson.

2.  Wherever You Are Tonight by Kenny Chesney.

3.  The Architect” by Kacey Musgraves.

4.  Streetlight” by Sam Barber.

5.  “Funny Girl” by RaeLynn.  (WARNING:  There is profanity in the video.)

6.  Tennessee by Lillian Hackett.

7.  I Was by Matt Koziol.

8.  Watching Vermont by Arlo McKinley.

9.  “Waylon in ’75” by Chayce Beckham.  (WARNING:  There is profanity in the video.)

10.  Why Dallas by Ernest featuring Lukas Nelson.

11.  Way Out Here by Riley Green.  This is a cover of the 2011 song from Josh Thompson.

12.  And here is Kelly Clarkson once again proving she can sing every song well, with a cover of Chris Stapleton’s White Horse.