Source: YouTube

Noah Peters, or better known as “The Singing Barber”, first went viral on TikTok and now he’s taking “American Idol” by storm.  And when you hear his voice, you’ll understand why.

Noah lives in Benton, Tennessee and because the town is so small, he’s the only barber.  And he got his nickname by singing to his clients.  He said after a while “people would start coming in just to listen” and not even get a haircut.

That’s around the time he blew up on TikTok.  And then he crushed his audition on “Idol”.  All three judges were impressed and gave him high praise.

And even to mess with him a little, they brought out a chair and made him give someone a haircut.  But instead of just anyone, they brought on Colin Stough, who was a finalist last year.  So now, Noah had to continue his audition while cutting Colin’s hair.

But this dude is a natural talent and couldn’t be fazed.  He sounded amazing, and wound up getting three yeses from the judges.  Another great possible country star in the making.  Tennessee represent!  (Music Mayhem)