Source: YouTube

Somebody put together a video of famous people impersonating a celebrity . . . IN FRONT of the actual celebrity they’re impersonating.

The best ones are Bill Hader doing John Malkovich . . . Andy Samberg impersonating Nicolas Cage . . . Jack Black doing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson . . . and Jay Pharoah doing Shaquille O’Neal.

(Here’s the video.  It starts with Hader doing Malkovich.  At 0:16 is Andy Samberg doing Nic Cage . . . 3:42 is Jack Black impersonating The Rock . . . and 4:21 is Jay Pharoah doing Shaq.)

(Here’s a bonus clip of Michael Caine impersonating himself.  Careful:  There’s an S-word at 0:59 in the video.)