This is a sad look at the criminal of the FUTURE.

A guy went into a Walmart in Winter Haven, Florida earlier this month, and he was wearing HOVERSHOES.

If you’re not familiar, they’re basically powered roller skates . . . you have one on each foot and they propel you around.  You can get a pair for around $200.

Well . . . this guy hoverskated around Walmart as he filled up his cart with $551 worth of stuff, including paint, a trash can, a car battery, a bouquet of flowers, a Roku TV, and, fantastically, one of those motorized hoverboards.

Then he hoverskated out of the store with his cart . . . without paying.

But once he was outside, his commitment to the transportation of the future stopped, as he loaded all the stuff into his late ’90s Nissan Maxima.  Then he drove off.

The cops are trying to track him down.

(The Smoking Gun