A Thief and His Pants Get Stuck on a Spiked Fence, Twice

Security cam in Belgium filmed a thief in an outside storage lot stacking empty crates so he can crawl over the fence with a stolen a case of energy drinks.

But his pants get caught on the spikes at the top of the fence and he ends up hanging there.  The video cuts off at that point, but he reportedly stayed hanging “for a few hours” until a passerby helped him get free.

And then there’s a second segment of the video, where he RETURNS that same night to steal beer.  Same plan, he climbs up some empty crates and once again his pants get caught.  He tries taking them off but that doesn’t work.

This time he hangs there for “about an hour.”  And again, you don’t see the whole thing, but he did somehow get free.

Somebody along the way called the police and they checked the security video the next morning and recognized the guy.  They went to his house where they found the beer and the energy drinks.



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