Source: YouTube

Ben Coyles got the most amazing gift on his 22nd birthday . . . when he and his friends all dressed up as “Lord of the Rings” characters for his birthday pub crawl in Bristol, England.

Ben dressed as Gandalf . . . and he just happened to run into Sir Ian McKellen on the street.  (!!!)

Ben says, quote, “Me and all my mates were walking down the street and I heard behind me ‘do you want to meet the real Gandalf?’  I didn’t recognize him immediately then I was like ‘OH MY GOD IT’S SIR IAN MCKELLEN!’

“He asked me how old I was and said happy birthday and shook my hand.  I was flabbergasted, I had no idea what to do or say.”

McKellen is actually doing a play in Bristol, but Ben and his friends had no idea they’d run into him.