Two Weeks Into Her Job, a Cashier Saves a Customer’s Life

This is a little above this lady’s paygrade, but she stepped up . . .

A woman named Ticresha Cox recently took a cashier job at a gas station near Oklahoma City.  And two weeks in, she had to save a guy’s LIFE.

A truck driver named Tommy Robinson bought a burger on Friday, and started choking on it.

Ticresha was restocking cigarettes when it happened, and heard him fall down.  So she yelled for help, then realized no one else was there.

So she ran out from behind the counter . . . got him back on his feet . . . did the Heimlich maneuver . . . and a security camera got it all on video.

Tommy doesn’t even remember falling, but he’s very thankful.  And he said he’s planning to chew his food a little better from now on.




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