Here’s a reminder we can disagree about stuff without being nasty all the time . . .

Lucy Rogers and Zac Mayo are running against each other for a seat in the Vermont House of Representatives.  She’s a Democrat, and he’s a Republican.

But even though they disagree on a lot of stuff, they’ve kept things civil and haven’t attacked each other.  And they also have something in common, because they’re both musicians.

Lucy is a cellist, and Zac plays guitar.  And they recently ended a debate at their local library . . . by performing a DUET.

They didn’t tell anyone they were planning it.  They just asked if people could stick around for a few more minutes after the debate.

They moved some tables.  Zac grabbed his guitar, and Lucy grabbed her cello.  And they did the Eddie Vedder song “Society”from the movie “Into the Wild”.

Zac joked afterward that he hoped it struck a “chord” with a few people.  And it sounds like maybe it did.

They got a standing ovation, and several people in town decided to put campaign signs for BOTH of them up on their lawns.

(CBS News)