A 20-year-old guy in Georgia named Kieron Graham was adopted at three months old, and always wondered who his real parents were.

Then last year, his adoptive mother gave him an Ancestry.com DNA test as an early Christmas present.  And he was able to track down his older BROTHER.

It turned out they lived 15 minutes apart . . . were both students at the same COLLEGE . . . and even had the same major.  They’re both majoring in political science.

His brother Vincent is nine years older than him and remembers changing his diapers before their mom gave him up for adoption.  She was a single parent working 12-hour days as a nurse.  So that’s why she did it.

Now Kieron has reconnected with her too . . . found out he has ANOTHER brother named Christian, who’s 17 . . . and he hangs out with Vincent once or twice a week.  They go to the gym, talk about school, and play on the same flag football team.

Ancestry.com found out about it and offered to send them to AFRICA to research their roots.  Vincent couldn’t go because of work.  But Kieron went to Benin in west Africa, and found out he’s related to a current KING there.  (It’s pronounced Beh-NEEN.)

He’s says the whole experience has been surreal.  Because in just a few months, he went from knowing nothing about his family to finding out who his ancestors were.