A 29-year-old woman in Philadelphia named Toya Wimberly recently got engaged and posted photos from her engagement party on Facebook.

And it turned out her best friend’s aunt recognized Toya’s DAD from back in the day.

Her best friend is Ashley Thomas.  They’ve been tight since the sixth grade . . . so about 17 years.

Toya’s dad Ken used to joke Ashley was his other daughter because she was constantly hanging out at his house.  But it turns out he was RIGHT.

As a kid, Ashley found out her dad wasn’t her biological father.  And sadly, her mom passed away before telling her who her real dad was.

But Ashley’s aunt was flipping through Toya’s engagement photos and remembered Ken from when he used to DATE Ashley’s mom.

Apparently Ken didn’t know she’d gotten pregnant, but they DID date shortly before Ashley was born.  So they took a DNA test and found out he IS her dad.

Ken’s thrilled about it and says she’s always felt like part of the family.  And Toya and Ashley say it doesn’t really change much, because they’ve always felt like sisters anyway.  But they feel even closer now.


(Here’s a photo.  Toya is on the left, and Ashley is on the right.)