About a year ago, a nurse in Jacksonville, Florida named Jess Hamm had to treat a 14-month-old girl named Delilah who’d been severely abused.

She showed up to the pediatric ICU malnourished, with several broken bones and a SKULL fracture.  Obviously her parents will NEVER get to lay a finger on her again.

Then Jess found out Delilah had a twin sister named Caroline who was ALSO being treated at the hospital for the same type of injuries.

She says it was heartbreaking to see them, because they were both so weak.  Delilah couldn’t even sit up or hold a bottle.

But here’s the good news.  A local news station in Jacksonville just ran a story . . . after Jess adopted BOTH of them.

They’re about two years old now, and they’ve totally recovered.  They’re both happy, healthy, and meeting all their developmental goals.

We’re not sure how old Jess is, but we’re guessing mid-30s.  She says she never really considered adoption until she met them.  And she hopes the story inspires more people to adopt.

(Action News Jax)