Twin Sisters Just Gave Birth to Baby Girls on the Same Night

If you’ve ever doubted the FREAKISH connection that twins have, check this out . . .

23-year-old Bao Nhia Julia Yang and Bao Kou Julie Yang are twin sisters from Fresno, California.

And on Sunday night . . . they both gave BIRTH.  Both to baby girls.  Both at the same hospital.  And both babies were within three ounces of each other.

They didn’t coordinate getting pregnant at the same time . . . but it happened anyway, like stuff always seems to do for twins.

Their due dates were two days apart, but Bao Kou called her sister on Sunday to say she was in labor and was heading to the hospital, and Bou Nhia told her, quote, “I might be in there with you too.”

The nurse who delivered their babies said she’s never seen twins give birth on the same day before.  Quote, “They just had great timing.”

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