released its annual lists of the most popular dog and cat names . . . and once again, everyone is naming their dogs Charlie, Max, Luna, and Bella . . . and they’re naming their cats Luna, Milo, Oliver, and Leo.

The more interesting parts of the report are the UNIQUE names people are choosing, and in 2023, names inspired by foods and drinks are big.

For dogs, the name “Beer” is up 330%.  Other trending names include:  Green Bean, Cheerios, S’More, Tiramisu, Parsley, Ice Cream, and Baguette.  And a few “honorable mentions” include Eggsy Benedict and Everything Bagel.  (???)

For cats, “Prosecco” is up 793%.  And some other trending names include:  Chive, Babybel (like the cheese), Stuffing, Starbucks, Dijon, Sausage, Morel (like the mushroom), Seltzer, Tea, and Velveeta.  “Burger” is also popular.

The reports are VERY comprehensive, and include pet names supposedly inspired by sports, TV, movies, music, video games, British Royals, tech, politics, and even the pandemic.

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