94% of us admit to wasting food, according to a new survey . . . to the tune of about 250 POUNDS of food per person, every single year.

The average family wastes nearly a THIRD of the food they buy, either because they forget it’s in the fridge . . . don’t save leftovers . . . or just wait too long to eat it.

So here are three things you can do to cut down on how much food you waste.  Which is good for the environment, and for your wallet . . .

1.  Organize your fridge.  Create a “first in, first out” system, and keep older food near the front where you can see it and won’t forget about it.  And where you put things also matters.  Cheese and yogurt stay fresher on the top shelf.  Fruits and vegetables should go in the drawers at the bottom.  And milk should be inside the fridge, not on the door.

2.  Get creative with your recipes, and find new ways to use stuff that’s going bad.  You can find ideas by googling “leftover ingredient recipes.”  And in general, any fruits and vegetables that are going bad can usually still work in soups, or smoothies.

3.  Get in the habit of moving stuff to the freezer before it goes bad.  Most foods do okay in the freezer and taste fine when you thaw them out.  A few that DON’T are eggs, pasta, and cream-based soups or sauces.