Researchers think about one in a hundred people are psychopaths.  That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dangerous or violent.  But it does mean their brains work differently.

To know for sure, you’d have to scan their brain and have a trained professional look for things like a big ego, a lack of empathy, and a lack of remorse.  But this might at least give you a better idea if someone’s likely to be a psychopath or not . . .

A study at Cornell a few years ago found there are three topics they love to talk about.

If someone constantly seems fixated on their “physical needs,” like FOOD, MONEY, and SEX, they might be a psycho.  Especially if they don’t seem very compassionate or considerate in general.

The focus thing in particular is interesting.  The authors of the study talked to a bunch of violent psychopaths about crimes they committed.  And a lot of them included details of what they ate that day while they were telling the story.

Psychopaths are much less likely to focus on “social needs,” which include topics like FAMILY, RELIGION, and SPIRITUALITY.  So those might be signs someone’s not a psycho.  But again, not necessarily.  Sometimes they pretend to be interested in that type of stuff, just to blend in better.