Got a job interview coming up?  A recruiter who posts advice on TikTok shared “three things to lie about to present yourself in the best way possible.”  Here’s a brief look . . .

1.  Never badmouth your current boss . . . or coworkers . . . even if they really are horrible.  Instead, say, “Things are going great, but I want to take on bigger challenges.”

2.  When they ask WHY you want the job, DON’T mention money, because it sounds like that’s all you care about.  Tell them why you’re passionate about the company’s mission, and explain why you’ll be a good fit.

3.  When they ask about your plans for the FUTURE, tell them you intend to be at THAT company.  You want to come in and knock it out of the park and continue to grow as opportunities arise.

(She goes into more detail in the video.)