These Products Will Have the Biggest and Smallest Black Friday Discounts

Looking to get the BEST deals on Black Friday?  Someone went through all the Black Friday ads they could find, and compared the prices to how much each product normally costs if you just buy it on Amazon.  Here’s what they found . . .

Consumer packaged goods will have the deepest discounts this year.  That means small stuff you use up and have to replace all the time, like toilet paper and toothpaste.  If you stock up on Black Friday, you could save an extra 45%.  Clothes are next at 40%, followed by toys at 34%.

At the other end of the list is stuff you WON’T see huge discounts on.  And #1 there is computers and phones.  If you’re hoping to score a new phone on Black Friday, don’t expect to save more than 20%.  There might be slightly better deals on other electronics though, like TVs.