The Worst Part of the Holiday Season Is . . . Wrapping Gifts?

You know how people say that Christmas is about the “spirit of giving” . . . and “it’s the thought that counts.”

Well, that may be true for gift GIVING . . . but according to a new survey, it does NOT include gift WRAPPING.

52% of people say the WORST part of the entire holiday season is wrapping presents.  And 51% hate it so much, they’d rather pay a professional to wrap their gifts.

50% will go out of their way to avoid buying gifts that will be difficult to wrap . . . like bicycles, gym equipment, sports equipment, guitars, and “candles.”  (???)  (So, THIS is why we can’t stay in shape.  Fitness stuff is too hard to wrap!)

And this is relatable:  59% say they can tell what something is, and who it’s from, based on HOW it’s been wrapped.

(PR Newswire)