KATY PERRY kissed a boy on “American Idol” earlier this week, and he kinda DIDN’T like it.

His name is Benjamin Glaze, and he was the 19-year-old guy who said that he’d never been kissed.  Katy had him come over to the judges’ table, where she asked him to kiss her on the cheek.  But as he went in, she turned her head and kissed him ON THE LIPS.  And he literally fell backward in shock.

You might think that Benjamin considers himself LUCKY because his first kiss was Katy Perry . . . but that’s NOT the case.

In an interview with the “New York Times”, he said, quote, “I was a tad bit uncomfortable.  I wanted to save it for my first relationship.  I wanted it to be special.  If she said, ‘Would you kiss me?’ . . . I would’ve said ‘no.'”

Benjamin grew up in a conservative family, and Katy should’ve recognized that . . . because when he was first asked if he’d ever kissed a girl he said, quote, “I can’t kiss a girl without being in a relationship.”  Katy hasn’t commented.

For what it’s worth, Benjamin says he DOESN’T consider it sexual harassment, which, these days, is worth mentioning.  He also did NOT make it through to the next round.  Not even Katy voted for him.