The U.S. Released Its First Ever Pink Coin, and Raised $4 Million for Breast Cancer Research in One Day

The U.S. Mint released its first ever PINK coin last Thursday to help benefit breast cancer research.  And it looks like their plan is working . . .

They’re expecting it to raise $8 million, with zero cost to taxpayers.  And it ended up pulling in $4 million on its FIRST DAY.

There are three different versions of the coins . . . a pink $5 coin, a silver one-dollar coin, and a silver 50-cent piece.  But they’re collector’s items, so they’re selling for a lot more than face value.

The pink $5 coin costs over 400 bucks.  The $1 coin is about $50.  And the half dollar is about $30.

(USA Today / Coin News)