The U.S. Is Not the Drunkest Country in the World . . . We’re #2

I’m not saying I want this number to be higher.  But second place always stings a little, right?

A new global survey of 124,000 people found the average American gets drunk FIFTY TIMES A YEAR.  And the only country that overindulges more than that is the U.K. at 51 times a year.  That’s basically once a week.

The worldwide average is 33 days.  So Americans get drunk about 50% more than that.

Here are the ten countries that get drunk the most:  The U.K., 51 days a year . . . the U.S., 50 days . . . Canada, 48 . . . Australia, 47 . . . Denmark, 42 . . . India, 41 . . . Ireland, 41 . . . Mexico, 38 . . . the Czech Republic, 37 . . . and Finland, 35.

Here are three more quick stats from the study . . .

1.  98% of adults who were polled have tried alcohol at least once in their life, including 86% in the last year.

2.  17% of the times we get drunk, we end up regretting it.  Which seems low.  (Don’t you pretty much regret it EVERY time?)  Women are more likely to regret it than men . . . 21% of the time, compared to 15% for guys.

3.  40% of drinkers in the U.S. would like to drink less in the next 12 months than they did in the past year.

(CNN / Global Drug Survey)



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