A new survey asked people to estimate how much of their life is taken up by work.  And the average answer was 42%.  But we WANT it to be 30%.  So most people wish they could be working less and enjoying life more.

The survey also asked people to name the top PERKS they wish they had at work.  Here are the ten most popular answers.

1.  Bonuses, especially around the holidays.

2.  Automatically getting a vacation day on your birthday.

3.  An endless supply of snacks.

4.  Discounts on vacations and flights.

5.  Free meals.  Either breakfast, lunch, or both.

6.  Better health insurance benefits.

7.  More vacation time.

8.  Unmonitored flex-time.  Meaning you could make your own hours, and no one would check up on you to make sure you’re not slacking.

9.  Discounts at restaurants.

10.  Discounts at clothing and department stores.  A few more that just missed the top ten include free transportation to and from work . . . paid time off to volunteer . . . and free gym memberships.

(SWNS Digital)