Got a New Year’s resolution in mind yet?  It’s not even December, but we’re already talking about why we WON’T follow through with them . . .

An early poll on New Year’s resolutions found the easiest ones are “practicing better hygiene” and “drinking more water.” Anything harder takes motivation.  Here are the top five excuses for not following through with a resolution . . .

1.  The cost.  Like you say you’ll join a gym, then realize it’s expensive.

2.  Too busy.

3.  Not enough support from family or friends.

4.  A general lack of motivation.

5.  You don’t see results right away and get discouraged.

75% of people claim they usually set a New Year’s resolution.  Another 12% said sometimes, but not always.  And despite the excuses, we don’t ALWAYS fail.  83% said they’ve had at least some success with a resolution before.