The Top Gifts for Holiday Party Hosts Are . . . Alcohol and Baked Goods

Even with the COVID-19 variants, experts say it’s safe for vaccinated people to attend holiday parties with other vaccinated people.  And that means spending MONEY on holiday parties is trending up this year.

According to a study from Lending Tree, 30% of Americans plan to host holiday gatherings and they anticipate spending about $760 on drinks, food, and gifts for their guests.  Millennials plan to spend the most . . . at $981, just this month.

But the hosts aren’t the only ones who will have to budget for parties.

65% of people who plan to attend gatherings say they’ll bring a gift for the host . . . and on average guests will shell out $213 on those.  The most popular gift is a nice bottle of wine or some other alcoholic beverage.  39% will bring that.

The next most popular gift for hosts is “baked goods.”  (They didn’t specify “HOMEMADE,” so let’s just say that the ones from the grocery store count.)

Other popular gifts include:  Plants or flowers . . . candles . . . chocolate . . . a “heartfelt card or note” . . . and home décor.

(Lending Tree)