It’s hard to remember sometimes these days, but good things actually DO happen in life once in a while.

A new survey asked people to name the most “magical” moments in a person’s life, and here are the top 10 . . .

1.  Hearing your child’s first word.

2.  Getting married.

3.  Having a baby.

4.  Buying your first home.

5.  Passing your driving test.

6.  Falling in love for the first time.

7.  Hearing someone say, “I love you” back to you.

8.  Your first kiss.

9.  Getting your first paycheck.

10.  Hearing your baby cry for the first time.

Some things that just missed the top 10 include buying your first car . . . seeing your favorite band live . . . and graduating from college.

(Daily Mirror)