The Ten Most “Fun” States in America

If your idea of fun is just binge-watching Netflix every night, it doesn’t really matter where you live.  If you’ve got broadband, you’re golden.  So this is really just for people who occasionally like to . . . you know . . . DO stuff.

A new study ranked all 50 states according to how easy it is to have “FUN” there.  They looked at everything from how many bars, movie theaters, and music festivals there are . . . to how many casinos, amusement parks, and ACTUAL parks each state has.

They also factored in the weather . . . how many miles of shoreline each place has . . . and how much everything costs.  And according to the results, the easiest state to have fun in is . . . California.

The top ten are California, New York, Nevada, Florida, Illinois, Washington, Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota.

Maine, Vermont, and Nevada have the best variety of arts, entertainment, and recreational activities that are easy to access.

And people in Minnesota, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire are the most willing to spend some MONEY to have a little fun.

According to the results, the states where it’s the HARDEST to have fun are West Virginia, Mississippi, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Arkansas.

(Wallet Hub)