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The Ten Foods We Wish We Could Eat Every Day

Eating a lot of pasta, potatoes, or rice can actually help you LOSE weight, according to a new study.  They fill you up, so you’re less likely to snack on junk food.  So you end up consuming fewer calories overall.

So here’s the question:  If you could eat ANY food every day without suffering the consequences, what would it be?  Here are the ten most common answers people gave in a new survey . . .

1.  Pizza.

2.  Burgers.

3.  Ice cream.

4.  Mexican food.

5.  Chocolate.

6.  Carb-heavy stuff, like pasta or bread.

7.  French fries.

8.  Donuts.

9.  Cake.

10.  Chips.  The survey was done for some made-up holiday called “National Eat What You Want Day.”  Which is TODAY.  So if you’re salivating after that list, you’ve got your excuse.

(National Today)

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