The Secret Weapon to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain Is . . .

There’s a SECRET WEAPON for preventing holiday weight gain, and it isn’t exercise . . . eating smart . . . or Photoshop.  It’s PRUNES.

In a new study, researchers from the University of Liverpool found that eating prunes helped some dieters control their appetite . . . consume fewer calories . . . and even lose slightly more weight than people NOT eating prunes.

They gave groups of people different foods to snack on in-between meals, and those who were given prunes were more likely to feel less hungry throughout the day, and then eat fewer calories during their next meal.

They also tracked how much weight the dieters lost over a 12-week period.  And those who were eating prunes lost SLIGHTLY more weight, about one pound more, than the people who were snacking on something else.

That may not seem like a lot over 12 weeks, but the prune-eaters did report that it felt “easier” to lose the weight than those in the other groups.  (It’s unclear if they also monitored the DIGESTION of those who were pigging out on prunes.)

(Study Finds)