The Red Sox finished off the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game Five last night to win the World Series, four games to one.  It’s Boston’s FOURTH World Series title in 15 years.  (Here’s a cool video of the celebration.)

The final score was 5-1, and as it turned out, the Red Sox only needed the first inning, two-run home run by STEVE PEARCE, who hit another homer later in the game.  He also hit the game-tying home run in Game Four on Saturday.

He had SEVEN RBIs over the past two games, and naturally he was the driving force that propelled Boston to their final two wins in L.A.

He was named the World Series MVP after the game, which is pretty amazing, because he didn’t even start the year with Boston.  The Toronto Blue Jays traded him to the Red Sox in June.

Pearce is 35 years old, and he’s mostly been a journeyman.  In fact, he’s now played for all five teams in the American League East.  Overall, he’s been with seven different teams, plus three different stints with the Baltimore Orioles.


The Dodgers only managed to win ONE game this Series, and that was Friday night’s Game Three . . . the seven-hour, twenty-minute, 18-inning game that kept Boston fans up until 3:30 A.M. on the East Coast.

It was not only the longest game in World Series history . . . in terms of time and innings . . . it was longer than the ENTIRE 1939 World Series, where the Yankees swept the Reds in four games that took a total of seven hours and five minutes.

The Dodgers ended this season like they did last year, when they lost to the Houston Astros.  That series went seven games though.

Red Sox manager ALEX CORA won in his very first year managing.  But he has World Series experience.  He won as a PLAYER with the Red Sox in 2007, and he was on the Astros’ coaching staff last season.

The Sox had a pretty epic year.  They had a franchise-best 108 wins . . . and they beat two other 100-win teams to make it to the World Series, one of them being the defending champion Astros.

But we really don’t need to shower Boston with any more love.

Since 2001, the city has had 11 championships in the four major sports.

The Boston Red Sox won in 2004, 2007, 2013, and 2018.  The New England Patriots won Super Bowls in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2014, and 2016.  The Boston Celtics won in 2008, and the Boston Bruins won hockey’s Stanley Cup in 2011.